In case there are any other Scottie lovers out there, I took a video of Scottie rolling in the rack.  This is on the old slip, known locally as the Viking slip, the end point of our daily walk, and judging from the noises is the high point of his day:

As some of you will have seen, I have finished another Scottie today.  This one is for my booklet of Scottie patterns, and I think it is an excellent use of eye lash yarn!  These are the first pix….

He is about 10 ins tall and 14 ins long, and is presently nameless.

Suggestions anyone?


20 thoughts on “Scotties…

  1. I’m reading the Outlander series right now, so “Jamie” came to mind right away. What an adorable little guy, and I love a proper use for eyelash yarn 😉

  2. I would have loved one of these when I was little, he’s absolutely great. What a brilliant use for eyelash yarn.
    Our dog (a Wheaten terrier) writhes like yours but never rolls right over. She prefers sand though.

    1. Glad you like him (or her…)… I find the funniest part of Scottie’s antics is when he snow-plughs with this face, letting his front legs go back underneath him, and propelling himself with his back legs. He will often stop like that, front feet back, bum in the air, happy as larry!!


  3. so glad that I found your blog, we spent a few days on Orkney last year and went to so many wonderful places. When we got back a friend gave me her spinning wheel and I haven’t stopped since 🙂

    1. Yes, Orkney is lovely – well, most of the time…!! So glad you enjoyed it.

      Good to hear that you have started spinning – I learnt very soon after we came up here, and find it very relaxing.


  4. We have a standard wirehair dachshund and he rolls like that on our rugs in the house several times a day, also in his bed in the evening. It’s such a happy sound! One question though, does the seaweed make Scottie smell?

    As far as a name? how about Mr. Scott

  5. He looks so happy!

    I have one dog that loves to roll outside, in the snow all winter (her coat is gorgeous and clean by spring!), and in the grass and the sand all summer.

  6. The perfect application for eyelash yarn! I’d call him Duff, short for Macduff, which was what my father’s boyhood Scottie was named in the 30s.

    Our Westie, Spike, loves to roll exactly like Scottie and combs his face in the grass in summer (no rack here in northern Virginia) or snow in winter. If the lawn is freshly mowed we then have a green dog, if there is much snow we have a giant snowball.

  7. Hi, just found your blog through my mom who is a regular reader!

    My Schnauzer does this too – in grass & weeds, especially if she’s in the sun!

    I think your adorable eyelash Scottie looks like a “Toffee” 🙂

    1. Welcome aboard!! The rubbing must be a terrier thing!

      Glad you like the eyelash – I am collecting all the name suggestions… Lots of good ones…

      who has just come in from a walk-and-roll

    1. Glad you liked the video – you will remember where it was taken…

      No fall out now – we were covered with dust earlier. No special sunsets either – but that is because we haven’t had sun at set time! It was cloudy last night. I’ll be watching tonight though if the sky is clear…


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