The ‘Hope in April

I remembered to take my camera for our evening walk a couple of days ago.  As usual we walked along the Pier Road to the Viking slip.  As UN-usual, the sun was shining – almost onto the front of the houses

As the village faces North, in the winter the sun doesn’t get on to the fronts of the houses along Front Road.  Only in summer do they get full sun on their faces, in the early morning and in the late evening.  My house is arrowed here (behind the white ones):

The sea was half way out, leaving rack weed on the slip.  Scottie loves to roll in this, rubbing his back in ecstasy before rolling over, looking round and running off:

His coat is very well camouflaged – I can easily lose sight of him, even in a small area…!

On the way back, amongst the oyster catchers, there was a red shank.  These are common here, and it is easy to forget what pretty birds they are…

meanwhile, back in the house, I am still fighting the heating system.  My Very Nice Man, Craig, was here at the end of last week trying to get the latest problem fixed.  He did.  It went wrong again yesterday, and instead of being too hot, it was freezing down here.  This morning was no better, and I had just thought I was going to have to ring Paterson’s again, when the door went and it was Craig!  He had been doing another job down the road and had popped in to give me an instruction booklet he had got for me for the water system…

He found another fault.  He thinks that one is fixed – and the house has warmed up since.  He says he will be in touch later in the week…


4 thoughts on “The ‘Hope in April

  1. I did enjoy this post, and really want to get back to Orkney this year. Whether we will have the time, money or transport to do this is a completely different matter….. Lovely photos of Scottie.

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