I have been a member of the On-line Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers since it started several years ago. There are several other Orkney members, some of whom I know, but others who I have never met.

I had never met Simone. She lives on Stronsay and our paths had never crossed in real life. Until the other weekend, when she came down to stay and to do some spinning.

After the business and high energy of the March NIFA week, it was lovely to sit and spin. Simone had brought some fibre with her, and I introduced her to some of mine! Bits of time looking through a couple of my books had her fired up to try wrapping yarns, something she had not done much of. She used a core of J&S Shetland tops, and the wrapping fibre was a mixture of mohair and angora. She combed and blended mini batts on mini dog combs, and took them from the basket in a random order.

The final yarn was fabulous and a close up is in order. I just wish you could feel it:

The next yarn was what she called Prawn Cocktail!! I had these orange locks of Something (we weren’t sure if it was mohair or a wool) which she flick carded but kept intact. The core plies were one of the grey Shetland and one of a mix of several fibres, including indigo-dyed milk protein.

Meanwhile, I was working with some REAL merino sent to me by another Guild member from Western Australia, Guiliana Bond. She had sent me some lightly washed staples and some dyed and carded by herself. I combed some locks (those mini dog combs again) and spun them along with the fibre she had prepared for me. This is the result:

Later I was foraging in the cupboard and came across the remains of batts sent me by another friend, this time from the Scottie group I am on. I had used a lot of it to make a shoulder shawl, but the remainder cried out for a textured yarn. (It is a mixture of merino, alpaca, bamboo and mohair.)  As I had some singles of the fine yarn left on a bobbin, I just worked the batt up thick-and-thin, and plied the two together:

One day I will be allowed to tell you what I did with those two yarns. But not yet!!

3 thoughts on “Spinning…

  1. Not sure what it is like in real life but that last lot of yarn has come up as the most wonderful colour on my screen! Magnificent!

  2. Cat’s right, it’s lovely. I have the first skein of 160 yds of heavy laceweight done from the wool and silk you sent me to spin. I did it all on Michael’s spindle, one single of each, then plied it on the spindle…it’s so soft and beautiful. I’ll get a picture for you soon.

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