Fall RTW shows

It is that time again.  We have had New York and London, and today the pix of the first Milan shows are up on Style.com.

Obviously for a knitter the Fall shows are usually more interesting than the summer ones.  And after the 09 shows had very little knitwear, I was waiting with baited breath to see what 2010 would bring.  The answer already is much more of interest!!

Obviously there are some Very Silly Things, and lots of Tiny Teens Only stuff.  But there is also a LOT of really nice stuff, both to knit and to wear.  Shapes are simple, with plenty of discrete texture in the knitwear, along with fabulous prints in all colours.  Plenty more blues this year, but there is more variation than in some years, with someone, somewhere, designing stuff in a colour which suits you.  Black is the new black, but camel, navy, chocolate and plums not far behind.

If you are a stranded knitter, you must look at D&G’s collection (right).  All based on Norwegian patterns, both in knits and on prints.  Mainly black and white, but some other colours.  And on everything – both serious and fun.

We still have the rest of Milan and all of Pais to go, but already I have noticed how many more Houses are using models that one size bigger to walk for them.  Not big, but not the unpleasantly bony-thin either.  And most of the clothes look so much nicer on girls with some shape – it is noticeable with the ultra short skirts – when the girl has shaped legs you notice the clothes;  when she has skinny legs and knobbly knees you see the knobbles!!

A lot more of the shows had their girls looking cheerful, too, which is another pleasant change!!

Today I went in to Kirkwall (the road was closed with the blizzards yesterday) and took a good look at yarns for autumn designs.  Brought some home…!!  It is nice to be thinking cold weather rather than the summer stuff I have been doing – there is something unnatural about knitting summer tops with the snow tearing past the window….


3 thoughts on “Fall RTW shows

  1. I found it rather unreal to look at winter clothes – when most of the models wear hotpants that I would classify as too short for underwear:)) but other than that I saw some nice ideas for knitting – even though missoni seems to have been inspired in parts by rags? I just wonder if most models suffer from some bad leg or foot disease – they can’t walk straight, they all turn their feet in and knock the knees together:)) to be honest – I usually only wear fashion shows on tv – to have a good giggle….. this was my outing as being unfashionable on purpose:))

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