Candle Light Finished!

I have finished the top in the cotton bought from Lidl.  It was quick and easy, and I am pleased with the result.

I have sleeved and sleeveless versions:

The pattern has been written up, and I am just waiting the statutory few days so that when I do the final proof read there is a chance I see what is really there, not what I think is there…!!

Meanwhile, I am working on the other pack of the same yarn.  This is a beach or pool cover-up for babies and children.  Being cotton it can also be used as a towel.

This yarn is very good for the price.  It is soft and the colours are good.  The only down side is that there have been more knots than there should be – but at £3.99 for 300 g, I feel I have no right to complain!

Incidently, now having the English version of the Estonian book, I know that this stitch pattern, called Candle Light or Fern in Shetland, is called Lilac Leaf in Estonia…


8 thoughts on “Candle Light Finished!

    1. Yes – it is a very quick knit – it could go in one of those knit-in-a-weekend books! And because the fabric has plenty of holes, it isn’t too heavy – weight is the main thing I have ‘against’ cotton…


  1. That’s so cute! I especially like the bottom scallops and the armhole edges on the sleeveless version.

    Nice summer top over a swim suit with a sarong skirt or over a camisole with jeans or shorts.

    Is the Lidl cotton similar to our Sugar and Creme cotton in the States? Dishcloth/almost worsted weight? About 150 yd to 3 oz ( or 135 m to 85g) ?

    1. Thank you – yes, it scallops nicely…

      And I think the answer to the second part is also yes, and 3 hours ago I could have been specific. BUT I am being silly enough to be reorganising my stash as we speak and the bag is somewhere in a box somewhere in the attic waiting for me to go through and stack them – son Nick and I put about 30 boxes up there this evening and I will be stacking them properly tomorrow. I will answer your question then!!


  2. Ah, the infamous stash reorganization. I have a tub with a sweater’s worth of DK heather yarn, and two lace shawls worth of cobweb that I remember buying, have in my inventory sheet, and cannot remember where I put the tub! It’s not in with the rest of the yarn or under the bed…..

    I have too much stash LOL (or I’m getting older – shsssss!)

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