YF23 and Lidl Cotton

Now that Yarn Forward 23 has hit the shops I can talk about the mystery shawl!  This issue gives the pattern for the centre, with the borders next month and the lace with one after that.  There will also be a final article the month after on how to block a shawl.  THAT will show the reality of trying to block a big shawl in a hurry on the kitchen floor…  I am not sure whether they will print the pic of Scottie investigating it….

I used ColourMart 2/28 for it.  When Kerrie asked me to do a mystery shawl I had that in my stash and knew it was right – I wanted something coloured, not white, and I had the two cones sitting there…  It can, of course, be done in any yarn – I have given details for the normal 2 ply/lace weight, and have also suggested it would work as a throw done in thicker yarn.

That issue also has an article I wrote about how to get your designs published – talk about doing myself out of a job!!  But there are some lovely designs out there that people have done for themselves which deserve a wider audience, as well as some awful published designs…!!

Meanwhile, I have been working with the cotton DK I got from Lidl.  When I did the swatch I realised the pattern was giving a slightly scalloped edge, so I though I would use that in the design.  The neck will be square, and it will have short, set in sleeves.  Working with a lacy pattern means that shaping can be tricky and if you want folk of all abilities to be able to cope with it you need simple garment shapes.

So far I have done the back and am on the front.  I will do the neck band next and see how much yarn I have left over.  I am not sure yet whether to do short sleeves, or whether to do slightly longer ones which can be rolled up.  The yarn may make the final decision for me – or the look of the completed body and neck might do it!  THAT is why I almost always knit the designs myself….!!


7 thoughts on “YF23 and Lidl Cotton

  1. don’t have the YF yet, have to be patient until friday… but I agree with some awful patterns being published:)) sometimes I wonder why people bother at all, but on the other hand I am often surprised that people give patterns like aeolian or laminaria away for free! the 2 extreme ends of a stick…
    what annoys me a lot though is this: a pattern has to be made so easy that everybody can knit it. why? there are huge amounts, both in books and in single pattern publ. of simple patterns around, can’t there be a few that are in fact meant for the experienced knitter?
    btw, I like the square neck opening, but I’d make the sleeves longer for myself, down to the elbow maybe (that said, I’d make the whole sweater longer:))
    looking forward to the lace mystery….

    1. It would be very easy to make it a tunic and long sleeved…

      The question of patterns is a whole big topic. I do think we need both easy and more advanced patterns. I also think people should be encouraged to expand their horizons, and not be put off doing something different.

      But you have heard me banging on about that time without number!!


  2. I like your swatch and your sketch Liz.
    Thinking of you being out of your house for so long after the water damage and then you finally got moved back in.
    I would love to get back to the Hope to see the finished version and your studio space.
    By the way, do you ever go to the used book place in Kirkwall? I was looking at some new copies of Lavinia Derwent’s children’s books – I remember seeing some of them in Kirkwall.

    1. Thanks Janet – I hope you like the finished article – the vest would suit you!

      It would be nice if you could get back here – you would see a LOT of changes! Not just things like floors and ceilings!! These days I rarely get to the book shop you mean – when I am in Kikrwall I am usually dashing….


  3. The Mystery Shawl in Yarn Forward looks lovely–and I’m glad that it’s not entirely a mystery but instead just tantalizing enough that you want to cast on right away….

    1. Kerrie and I had quite a bit of discussion about how exactly we would do this. We both felt people would want to know enouh about it to make them want to cast on – a total mystery about shape and size wouldn’t really work for a mag….

      People who have seen the finished shawl say nice things about it!!


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