Dog Curling

As you know, I have two Scotties – Scottie, the staid 5 year old and Ben, the mad pup who came to me a year ago.  As you also know, son Nick has a Border Collie the same sort of age as Scottie, and Steve has a very, very old collie cross called Taz.

All were here this morning and Nick, at Ben’s insistence, embarked on a game of dog curling.  He started this game several months ago, and now Ben wants it every time he sees Nick.  By the time someone suggested a camera, they had been at it for quite a while.  This was the result. I stress that Ben goes back for this treatment time after time after time after time….

Note that the file is big and takes a while to load….


15 thoughts on “Dog Curling

  1. My son and Fiona have a game that is very like, although Fiona is not slid across the floor on her back…and I don’t think I’ll recommend it!


    1. If Nick sits down, Ben is there asking. And if Nick doesn’t take the hint, Ben turns on his back to make SURE Nick knows what to do…!! But I do have a slidy floor – it wouldn’t work with carpet…!! Liz

  2. I had the sound up high and when the pups started whining, my Border Collie cross, Miss Molly, came over to the computer with her ears all forward, looking for the playmates she could hear and not smell!

    see you on Ravelry!

    1. A bundle of something, certainly!! I have him here at present, and although he is now 19 months, he isn’t a day older than when I got him a year ago!! He is such a happy dog – but I wish I had a tenth of his energy…!! Liz

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