Oh so busy….

Despite my intention of doing slightly less, I seem to be doing even more…

Over the past week I have been beavering away at getting everything ready for the NIFA trips.  The details are now all on my website and one day soon I will even get the pix up….

These trips are going to be fun.  They always are.  Take a group of fibre fiends, add and R and you have a group of friends.  This house is made for workshops (OK – the refurbishment WAS designed with them in mind!) and it is going to be even better than before as I will have all my books, fibres and yarns to hand, so that when someone asks me a question or wants to try something the stuff is there to hand, not several hundred miles away.

I also enjoy the mix of folk.  Take the March adventure, which has Northern Isles knitting as its theme (Fair Isle, Shetland lace and ganseys).  So far there are people coming from Sicily, Yorkshire, the States – and Burray, the next island along!  That is pretty typical.  It is so nice to be able to have time to chat over lunch and coffee about knitting and life in different parts of the world – that is one thing you don’t have time to do in a ‘normal’ class where you don’t have the luxury of evenings….

And in case some of you haven’t come across this animation from Pringle, the knitwear manufacturers.  For those of you who don’t know Scotland in general and Edinburgh in particular, the narration is done in a very ‘igh class Morningside accent – the poshest area of Edinburgh’s posh bits.  And some of the expressions are those of the lowest type of Glasgow ‘schemes’ (as council estates are known up here).  There has always been a tension between Glasgow and Edinburgh…!!

Watch and enjoy!!

6 thoughts on “Oh so busy….

  1. Most amusing! Not sure if my goats would like to oblige and jump in the washing machine. At the moment they are dingy grey and wearing most of their hay.

  2. that pringle film is a hoot:)) esp. the fashion show with the AA son…. though I haven’t yet seen a scot leaving his bagpipe out, when sheltering from rain…. that ad surely sticks, very well made!

  3. When even an American can get the humor between the upper class accent and the lower class slang, it’s a great ad!

    Even if the first laddie’s kilt is way too long! It looks like one of those $90 ones from the “Tartan Tat shoppes”

    1. Is it fun, isn’t it? Good for Pringle is what I say…

      There is an awful tartan tat place in Aberfoyle which calls itself something like the Scottish Wool Centre. I went miles out of my way to go there to see spinning wheels (as their leaflet had fleece etc advertised). It turned out that there was a tatty woman in tatty mock Victorian dress spinning on a very modern wheel who wasn’t the least bit interested in talking spinning – she was only interested in finishing spinning her silk for the Highland Show competition… Loads of tartan tat; a few rare breed sheep outside, and no fleece or any interest in spinnig. I did complain that the leaflet was misleading (to say the least!!). Liz

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