New patterns and why I’m not contributing to Haiti

I have been having a finishing binge!  I have FINALLY got Mum’s jacket up on Etsy and Ravelry, under its Sunday name of Ruth’s jacket.  As you have probably forgotten what it looks like, here it is again:

It is made with ColourMart’s 20% silk, 20% cashmere, 60% merino.  I used 4 strands of the 2/28 to make a DK.

I have also got the Gansey Workbook on Etsy, and hope to be  putting it various gansey patterns in my Ravelry store over the next few days.  I need to get the individual patterns up first, and finding the info is the hold up!!  I DID find all the pix this afternoon – I had taken them off the computer ages ago and this afternoon finally found the disc they were on.  I have now transferred them to my external hard drive.  Isn’t technology wonderful?!

While I was putting the jacket in my Ravelry store, I noticed again the option of selling in aid of Haiti.  There have been a lot of initiatives like that over the past couple of weeks, but I will not be joining in.   All my giving is done through the bank by Gift Aid, so that it is traceable and the charity gets the extra 28%.


3 thoughts on “New patterns and why I’m not contributing to Haiti

  1. I will not be joining in the Ravelry effort either Liz. Like you I would want it to be traceable and the charity in question to get the extra money. (To which end the church has taken a shawl I made to raffle off instead. They asked me where I wanted the money to go. As a knitter I want to try and keep something like that on hand for that purpose.)

  2. I was excited to see the Gansey book on Etsy! I love the history behind the gansey even more than the patterns, LOL. But I can’t wait to get both.
    I, too, donated to a specific group. I’m a bit mercenary with cash donations – I want the tax receipt & I want to know it goes to a group with a HISTORY of working with the community not only in disaster but helping people to help themselves in the future too. We don’t need another nation on welfare!

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