Between stressful things, like the radio and doing the numbers for a fitted raglan Fair Isle in 10 sizes, I have been playing with beads and charms.  One thing Barbara taught me to do was to deal with dangles – so I have been having fun:

Some have a theme suggested by the beads – like the sea or the autumn leaves.  Others have a theme with the charms – like the dogs and cats.  Others are built round the knitter’s charms:

I buy my beads and charms from quite a few different sources, all through the net.  There is no one place that has everything I want, and another mindless occupation is trawling the net for more.  They don’t take up as much space as yarn, but they do weigh heavier….

I have been knitting, too.  The red gansey has both sleeves done and the neck on the needles.  The idea is to do the maths for that this weekend, so that I can wipe my subconscious mind clear of the FI’s numbers.  Then on Monday I can check the FI and get that off.  That is the theory….


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