Knitting on Radio Scotland

There is due to be a discussion about knitting on Radio Scotland’s Radio Café tomorrow (Tuesday, 19th Jan).  It will be based on the Scotland part of the British Museum’s initiative ‘A History of the World’ launched today.

Scotland has 60 or 100 items (depends on who you listen to!!) including Sanquhar gloves in the ‘collection’.  The discussion will start there and go on to knitting today, probably including next year’s Knit Camp and Ravelry – as it will be live I don’t know exactly what will come out of it.

The people involved will be Kate Davies ( , the presenter Clare English and myself – there is also another person whose name I didn’t catch who will be in the studio with Clare for something else and who may take part.  Kate will be in Edinburgh and I will be in Kirkwall.

The programme starts at 13.15 GMT, and we are due to be ‘on’ at about 13.30.  The producer, Carol Purcell, went to a knitting group in Edinburgh last week and there will probably be clips from that too.  The discussion, or bits of it, will probably be on Radio 4 at some point too.

To listen in real time, go here and click on listen live.  To listen at a later stage before next Tuesday go here .  If they change that link, go to the Radio Scotland link above and click on R in the programme finder, then Radio Café….

The collection is online here and the page for the gloves is here!


3 thoughts on “Knitting on Radio Scotland

  1. Oooh, exciting! I love knitting, I love radio, this can’t go wrong. I’ll be checking out the listen again section. Good luck!

  2. I’ve just listened to the broadcast. Very good Liz – I was riveted. I particularly liked the bit at the end about Knitting Graffiti. I just bought the book a few days ago at the University Book Shop here in Seattle.

    Janet in Seattle/Dublin

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