I don’t usually moan here, so I have not mentioned that I came back from India with a cold, and went straight in to another between Christmas and New Year, which turned into a cough.  That would not go, despite my patent remedy of a good single malt with hot water and Lemsip.  As a result I have had no energy, and didn’t want to do anything I should be doing.

So as usual, I played my psychological games with myself, and for every couple of hours knitting the gansey, I allowed myself to play with beads for a bit!!  Yep – I know it is silly, but it WORKS!!

While South I had ordered a good selection of beads from Jilly Beads. I have used them several times before, and they are excellent – fast service and extremely good prices for the UK.  Almost as soon as they came home, I was sorting them to see what I had got – their mixes are particularly good.  And then it was not long (another hour at the gansey) before I was sorting ones out to make myself a hand bag charm…

I was given a lovely purple bag for Christmas by my brother (I suspect his wife chose it!!), which had some deep aqua embroidery – exactly the same colour as the cashmere scarf I got in Mumbai.  The other colour in the embroidery was lime.  So I put together a selction of possible beads.  Some were new and others I had had for a while.  I also found some charms – flowers and stars as they follow the embroidery, plus a couple of others that went..

Then came the playing….  What fun!  I fiddled with the beads and made up 7 dangles before joining them together with jump rings to make a chain.  As ever, there were some beads I didn’t use – I like to have too many out so that I have a choice right to the end.

And the finished article in close up and on the bag with the scarf:

Now all I need is to be able to go out with it…!!

4 thoughts on “Playing….

  1. The helpful photo shows very well how the charm is constructed. The last time I ‘made’ anything jewellery-related was attaching an old silver pendant to a broken zipper with jewellery wire; your pretty charm has made me think I must get out my beads and make some birthday presents.

    1. Well… I am giving such things as pressies this year! I just love playing with the beads and colours… It is very simple, and if you buy mixed beads you have the fun of lots of different ones as cheaper prices!


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