Honey, I’m home…

…and I have an exhusting, if not bad, couple of days!!

But the big thing is, I GOT home.  The flight I was on from Bristol to Inverness was cancelled on Saturday and Monday, but went on Sunday.  And the flight from Inverness to Kirkwall was almost the last which got out of Inverness before more heavy snow caused chaos.  They have all the right stuff there to clear the runways, but when the snow is actually falling fast they can’t keep up.

After leaving in snow, having a journey in mainly clear skies over snow, I got back to snow in Kirkwall.  But none here in the ‘Hope!!  And over the past couple of days there has been more snow over most of Orkney – only South Ronaldsay has missed the showers….  There is still hard packed ice on the side roads, but where I am there is nothing – the wind and cold has dried up all the moisture….  (Takes me back to my Chemistry teaching days – water goes from solid to gas directly at about -5 C, and it has been below that…!!)

I have been working none-stop since I got back, but am not yet on top of things.  I have dealt with most of the post and most of the emails, but not all.  I have started my tax return (which has to be in by the end of January) but not finished it.  I have, however, finished a tea cosy for  my friend Ruth….

The story behind this goes as follows:  One day back in the autumn, we were talking and she was saying that these days you can’t seem to get a proper tea cosy – one which will actually keep the tea hot.  her partner Tony likes his tea stewed – but HOT!!  I remembered a pattern I had in a pre-war booklet, and decided to make her one for Christmas.

The pattern called for 3 ply yarn, but I decided to use odds and ends of J&S 2 ply jumper weight (ie 4 ply/fingering).  I picked out twice the weight it said, in colours which would not show the tea stains, and took it away with me to knit in Inverness before I left the country.  However, I didn’t take quite enough wool, so I posted it home to myself, and in the past couple of days I have done the final bits, made a huge pom-pom to go on the top, and finally wrapped it in bright pink paper!!  If you are going to do OTT, do it properly!!

The purple (the bottom strip) and teal (the brightest one) are colours which do not photograph well, but here it is.  I don’t HAVE a teapot to use for modelling, but the right hand one is over a jug to show the handle:

And I will tell you about the tea towel it is modelled on another day….


8 thoughts on “Honey, I’m home…

  1. Actually sew up the seam and it looks like a nice head cozy as well – and you all seem to need it right now! (We are sweltering in a heat wave!)

  2. I just made a much flatter tea cozy, with stranded knitting. Did you fasten the bottom of the handle slit with a button, or does it stretch enough to go over the handle anyway?

  3. I used to laugh about the inherited fur cap (with flaps) my DH has… but he was quite happy to wear it on the way to town in this weather. I stayed home, I am too chicken to cycle on snow (esp. with ice underneath…). but the cozy looks great, nice colours too and not too kitschy (as far as tea cozies can go:)).
    keep warm!

    Bettina (from ireland, where people are changing their dates in “coldest winter since….” every day:)) soon we’ll be back in the middle ages….

    1. Mine a rabbit fur and is so very warm – it is lovely. And I don’t care how bad it looks – if I did, I wouldn’t be wearing my neon yellow coat with the wide reflective strips….!!

      I don’t think that is what is meant by colour blocking, but it does here and now!!


  4. The colors and the cosy are lovely! When I was making them out of felted sweaters I found a new trick that really makes a difference in keeping the pot warm. Either needlefelt or felt an old sweater from a charity shop (a couple hot washes and dries so it really gets thick) and then cut an oval that is the same size and shape as the bottom of the tea cosy you’ve made. Use that for the pot to sit on plus the cosy and it it’s amazing how hot things will stay.

    1. Here a lot of folk have cork mats to sit the pot on. The idea is that they both protect the table and keep the pot warm – I am not sure how good they are at either!! Your idea sounds like a good one!


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