Looking forward….

That was 2009; what about 2010??  One thing is certain – I will not have time to be bored…!!

For a start, I am going to be doing some teaching holidays from home.  Some of you may know that in the past I have led fibre adventures under the title Northern Isles Fibre Adventures, or NIFA for short.  The doctor stopped such jaunts a while ago, but this year I am going to be doing some more, albeit scaled down.  The transport links have changed, so the Faro islands are out of the question, and this time the Shetland end will be led by Kathy Coull, who is based on Fair Isle and who has a flat in Lerwick.  That leaves me with Orkney!

Each trip will have a slightly different focus, and will be built round a week in the ‘Hope based at The Old Harbour Master’s House.  Now that I have the place up and working, I have a big studio upstairs for spinning and photography etc, and a big table downstairs for knitting.  My books are now all out, and my stash of fibre and yarn is all easily get-at-able, so that I can accommodate people doing different things at the same time.  I have a wheel on order from Hamish Polson, so that I will have 6 different wheels of different types to suit different abilities – there should be something for everyone.  Oh, and the kitchen was designed with dyeing in mind!!

I am very much looking forward to the May week, when Margaret Peterson is coming down from Shetland to teach alongside me.  She is a very well known lace spinner and knitter from Unst, and that week will focus on spinning and knitting fine yarn for lace.  The timetable will be arranged so that folk can do all spinning, all knitting, or some of each.  Margaret has a great sense of humour, too, so plenty of laughter is guaranteed!

At times I will be teaching south as well.  A couple of things are not yet fully organised, but I am definitely doing the Knit Camp and Ravelry Day in Stirling in August (mainly Fair Isle, with a bit of lace design), and then, with Connie of J&S,  leading a trip up to Shetland straight after that.  I am also going to be teaching at the iKnit weekend in September, but we haven’t yet decided exactly what!!  I will also be going back to The Wool Shed near Aberdeen – dates to be arranged…

What with all that and my parents’ diamond wedding in early September and helping take Nigel on holiday later that month, I am going to be busy!  As always, I will be knitting, writing about knitting and designing all year.  All I need is more time….

So thank you for all your good wishes, and here is to a very good new year for one and all!!

One thought on “Looking forward….

  1. Love and good wishes for 2010 – you certainly will be whizzing around. We do hope to make it North this year, but anything could happen.

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