Looking back….

Like the rest of the world, I tend to spend some time in this dead week between Christmas and Hogmanay  look back on the year that is nearly over.  And for the first time in 6 years it isn’t all doom and gloom!!

For a start, this year I have neither moved house nor had the shadow of moving hanging over me.  I have had a whole year back in my house, and am beginning to get it the way I want it.  No, it isn’t finished yet, but it is very definitely getting there!!

Work-wise it has been a busy year, with a couple of teaching trips south – both very enjoyable and both leading to other things.  I have continued my work with Yarn Forward magazine and with ColourMart, and have done more stuff for Jamieson and Smith.  (This is beginning to sound like an advert – sorry!!)

Behind the scenes, I have had a new computer and a new camera.  The computer is very fast indeed (don’t tell son Ben – it is faster than his!!) and that does make a difference when you do as much work on it as I do.  Photo editing is probably half as fast again – it might not seem much, but that can mean an extra hour a day to spend knitting or spinning rather than in front of a screen.

The camera is still very new.  As an ex pro, I have been very much missing my SLRs, but my hands cannot cope with the weight.  My new  beastie is a type known as a bridge – it has most of the features of an SLR, but it doesn’t take interchangeable lenses.  That means that the weight is kept right down.  I only got it a couple of weeks before I went away, and have so far only done one proper shoot with it, but those results were excellent.  (I didn’t take it away with me – brand new Leica optics and dessert sand don’t mix!!)

As well as new patterns, I have brought out the series of CD-roms.  The impetus for this was a combination of Ravelry Day and folk wanting more pix of places like North Ronaldsay, Fair Isle and Unst.  The results are selling well, and one of the jobs when I get home is to arrange for another batch of all five titles to be made.

Another new venture, and one only in Orkney and Aberdeen so far, is stitch markers.  I just love making these, and I have been selling loads through the shop across the road.  I mount them on cards, and some folk are just buying them as cards.  In the house, I also sell them on key rings and stitch holders.  I have got as far as taking some pix for putting them on Etsy, but haven’t had time to get any further – they just keep selling!!  But this winter I hope to build up a stock…

Away from work, the new man in my life arrived in February.  A friend noticed him advertised in the paper and that was it.  When he first came to meet me, it was clear that he had a very sweet nature, but was totally un-disciplined.  But he learnt fast and now is a pleasure to be with.  Scottie and I do find him a bit bouncy at times: he MAY calm down after his second birthday – we will see.

And then, of course, the year ended with my first proper holiday in nearly 4 years.  I do love the Middle East…  Hopefully I might get back there before too long…..


6 thoughts on “Looking back….

  1. Happy New Year to you. I’ll have to introduce myself properly to you on my next trip home. Still haven’t finished my jumper I’m knitting with my North Ronaldsay stash…oops!

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