My Passage to India

Well, I have finally got my journal finished and uploaded to my website – you can find it here.

You can only get to it from here – I don’t have all the software with me to put in a link on my website itself.  I THOUGHT I had everything I needed, but I don’t!!

It is a big file – 8.5MB – so takes a while to upload.  There are plenty of photos, including a couple of me on a camel and in the Dead Sea.  These are not for the faint hearted – you have been warned!!

Meanwhile, I am gradually getting over a cold and jet lag.  I haven’t worked out what day it is, but I do know what country I am in, and roughly what time of day it is.  That, I can assure you, is progress….

8 thoughts on “My Passage to India

  1. Liz — I read every word of your travelogue and enjoyed it immensely, especially since these are places I will most likely never visit. Thank you for sharing your observations!

  2. Thanks so much for posting that account Liz – I read it cover to cover. Wish you had had pictures of Mumbai – pity about the camera battery.

    Enjoy your visits in England.

    Janet, still in Dublin, icebound over Christmas

  3. Liz! I have finally had a moment (and the memory) to read and enjoy your travel journal! What a great adventure you’ve had…I hope its restorative effects stay with you for months and months! Happy New Year!

  4. HI Liz,
    Just read your trip log and really enjoyed it. You had a great trip! I’ve swum in the Dead Sea too, if you can call it swimming as I was floating high in the water. Getting all muddy was fun.

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