Back and freezing!!

OK – that is me back in th UK – and freezing cold!!  It was quite a shock to the system to go from about 90 degrees F to about freezing in 10 hours.  But I have survived, and am now warm in my woollies at my parents’ house in Wiltshire.

I have written a journal as instructed (!!) and that will be online at some point.  I have found that I only have the trial version of my pdf-er on my laptop, so once I have proof read the journal, I will put up an interim copy for all you impatient people to read, then once I get home in the New Year I will change it for a ‘proper’ version!

I am still trying to catch up with emails etc.  And then I will get my Etsy shop up and running again….  That is the trouble with holidays…

But it was worth it.  I had a fantastic time, and feel rested.


5 thoughts on “Back and freezing!!

  1. good to see you’re back safely! it must be a real shock to the system to come back to this winter weather (we’ve had snow for over a week now – and are stuck at the house, because the roads are sheer ice… not a good idea to cycle to town…)
    have a good time at your parents’!

    1. It certainly was!! It took me nearly a week to warm up – it wasn’t helped by the fact that I caught a cold the last couple of days on the boat, so that meant my body’s temperature controls were haywire… But I am warm now – for a bit at least…!!


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