All packed up and ready to go!

Well, that is me nearly ready for off. I have been in Inverness the past couple of days with my very old (!!) friend Ingrid, and tomorrow I fly down to Gatwick and off line. I have done the ironing (well, I have to do it once a year to keep my hand in) and I have finished one project. Before I seal the box going back home tomorrow I hope to finish another – pix when I get home and can wash stuff.

In my case I have a 2/28 cashmere shawl to finish (about 1/3rd done) and the cashmere for another Scottie design. So I will not be idle…

I spend tomorrow night at Gatwick, then on Saturday fly out to Barcelona to join the ship – MV Discovery. I have travelled on her before so know her well.

If you are interested in the full itinerary it is here, but basically we go across the Med, through the Suez Canal and Red Sea, round Oman and across to Mumbai. Lots and lots of sea days to relax, with occasional stops for mad things like jeep and camel rides in the desert….

The ship is owned and operated by Voyages of Discovery, and they always have a good programme of lectures etc on board. Although the ship has internet access, I suspect the cost will be prohibitive, so I will not be on line until I get back. I will take a note of high points for when I do return – I fly back to the UK on Sunday, 20th December and then go on to my parents’ on the next day. I am there for Christmas – WITH internet access!!

So enjoy your last shopping days before Christmas, and I hope you all get your knitted gifts finished in plenty of time!

5 thoughts on “All packed up and ready to go!

  1. HI, Just thinking of your return tomorrow and wanted to wish you the best return to the Motherland. Am looking forward to reading about and seeing pics from your marvelous journey. Merry Christmas!!!

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