New Acquisitions!!

Two new things, one practical and one FUN!!  And new yarn….

Yesterday I received my new pin from Romi. I have 3 of hers already, but I wanted one of the swirls. This is so simple, yet so effective – just a swirl of metal (mine is nickel) which you poke through the shawl or jumper or whatever and twist.  I hoped it would come in time to take it away with me and it has:

Here it is on a sample of the cloud cashmere, which arrived the day before.  I also have a bit of white and a bit of bright pink, and it is set to become a gillet/bodywarmer/whatever you want to call it!

And the fun thing is an original cartoon from Alex. let me explain before I show you…

We have two local papers up here.  One, Orkney Today, is better for news and the other, the Orcadian, is better for adverts.  And the Orcadian also has a cartoon strip called The Giddy Limit, by Alex.  These are always funny, often hilarious, and tell you a lot about Orcadian life. (In case you don’t know the expression, ‘that is the giddy limit’ is a phrase which shows something is extreme, usually in a good sense, but not always!!)

A few weeks ago the strip was about knitting – number 215 on Alex’s site.  It is the original of this I have bought, and here reproduce it with his blessing:

Go to his site for a bigger version if you can’t read it… and also for some other sheep related strips.

Between times I have been packing for my trip.  I leave home tomorrow afternoon for Inverness, where I am staying with a friend until Friday.  After that I will be away from the net for three weeks.

But more of that later in the week…


6 thoughts on “New Acquisitions!!

  1. did you have to post a link to those strips? I’ve been reading them for ages now and can’t seem to stop myself – hilarious:)) I esp. like the one with the winters getting harder:))

    thanks for this, made my day!

    good luck


  2. Thanks for the link to the comic strip, I have enjoyed reading thru them. Someday I hope to pack my wellies and mac and come visit the islands.

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