Remember Ruth’s jacket??

Remember a while ago I put up some pix of a red jacket I had made for my mother?  I have finally got some pix of her wearing it:


knitted in 4 strands of ColourMart's 2/28 cashmere/silk/merino

It was for my niece’s wedding – the only pic I have of it worn on the day is not revealing:

My niece Katie was marrying a Scot, so many of the guests were in Highland dress.  Dad was Rector of the High School of Glasgow, so our side are technically allowed to wear the Douglas, and that is the tartan in evidence here.

I was in Shetland, but due to Maersk keeping Ben ashore for a course in the spring, he was home from sea, and he and Nick both went down.  This pic, with their grandmother, I call Der Management….  (UK folk of a certain age may remember…)

This was the first time in 19 years that all 6 of Mum and Dad’s grandchildren were together.  The last time, a photo was taken, and this time the same photo was taken:


old photo me or my dad; new photo Abi Harle, photoshop work Nick Lovick


Left to right, Ben,  Anna, Nick, Thom, Mark, Katie.  Anna and Thom ‘belong’ to my brother Tim; Mark and Katie ‘belong’ to my brother Jon.  Folk in the Newcastle (UK!!!) area will know Jon from Radio Newcastle.  Folk of another age will know Mark as a member of V, and now The Little Comets.

(sorry about the spacing…  the thing has a life of its own tonight..)


8 thoughts on “Remember Ruth’s jacket??

    1. Small world as you say! It was Dad who masterminded the new incarnation – he came up to Glasgow to start the Senior section at Drewsteighnton, which then went on to merge with the GHSFPs to form the new school. I spent many happy hours going over architects’ plans – and spotting nonsense like pupils’ lockers stacked 7 feet high….!!


  1. I just love seeing the family pictures! I always enjoy anyone’s pictures even if I don’t know who they are. That is great the family still wears the plaids. What a great tradition. Deb

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