Final days

The time has gone so quickly.  Katherine left early this morning for the Fair Isle, and I leave at lunch time for home…

The past couple of days we have spent going south and east, in each case to visit old friends.

Doreen Brown is an Orcadian married to a Geordie who has lived in Shetland for many years!   She has a small machine knitting business and her sense of colour as fantastic – as is her welcome to the folk that go down to the shop attached to her house near the airport.  In the shop she not only has knitwear for sale, but a couple of cabinets of old lace beautifully displayed.  I love going to see it!

Going east was breaking new ground for me.  My old friend Margaret Peterson has recently moved to Nesting, an area off the main road going north that I had never been to.  She gave us excellent directions to her house, but when we got there, the sign said something different and the map something different again, so we did an extra loop before getting back to the right place.  She had said her house looked over the water – trouble was, there were so many bits of water about….!  The view from her house, looking west across a voe to the hills beyond, was fantastic.

Margaret's view

I hadn’t seen Margaret for a couple of years, so it was great to be able to catch up.  She had invited us to lunch and we had the most beautiful Shetland lamb.  (Yep – see the sheep, spin the fleece, eat the animal!!)

And the really good news is that she has agreed to come down to Orkney to teach a week of workshops on fine spinning and lace knitting in the last week in May. The exact details are still to be worked out, but it should be a fascinating week.


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