More Scotties…

At this time of year the Scottie group I am in has a gift exchange.  At this time of year the Scottie Rescue group, STECS, that Scottie came from has new things in its ‘shop’.  So I have been buying…  It also got me thinking (again) what I could do to help fund raise for them.  This time I had an idea.

I have  been knitting Scotties.  I had been collecting designs for a while, and it suddenly struck me that I could put them together in a booklet and sell it in aid of STECS.  Don’t hold your breath – these things have to be done between times.  But I took the opportunity of  needing something individual for my giftee, and yesterday I knitted this hat:

Pat's hat

A bit ago I had made a chair back (or pram blanket!) and a cushion for my kitchen:

Scottie cushion

Now I need time to make a sweater and a vest….  THEN I will be able to tell you where you can buy the patterns!!


9 thoughts on “More Scotties…

  1. These are great. When we get to Seattle I’ve declared that I am going to have a dog – and it just might be a Scottie – or at least a mix. I am planning on a rescue dog.

  2. These “Scottish” doggie things are delightful. I love them..Good job. Wish I could think-up
    such great gifts for some of the groups I belong

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