The answer to the previous post…

So what did I do while waiting for the wool?

1.  Clipped the dogs.  Well, to be precise – scissored the dogs.  My new clippers seemed to be working, but when I got Ben up on the table ready to go, they wouldn’t cut (yep – I did have the correct blades!!).  So, this only being Ben’s second cut, I went ahead with the scissors.  He was just angelic.  I am used to Scottie being good, but Scottie is a slower beastie all round.  Ben is never still.  But he was while I went right over him.

shorn Ben and Scottie

Ben has the typical black coat.  In a different life style, he could grow very nice skirts.  But as he is never happier than when in a manky ditch, he needs to be short.

Scottie’s coat is very different – it grows straight out.  So that now he is one third the width he was!!  He is also a different colour.  The longer, outer hair is grayer, so now his blonde streaks show much more, along with his tiger striping.

2.  Got on the computer and did the maths and charts for the Estonian shoulder shawl I had planned on rough paper.  I had a note of the pages of  That Book, along with the stitch and row counts, and so all I needed to do was to chart it and work out the exact figures.  Knitted the first couple of sections.  Looking good….

3.  While I was on the computer, book on desk, I charted out another Estonian pattern for use in another cowl.  (It is the diagonal one, for those of you with the book.)  It is one of those patterns that will work well in the round, and be very easy to do, but writing the instructions for others to follow will be more challenging.  I am still brooding on the exact way to do it.  But the charts etc are ready for when I want to start.

4.  Got on with the notes for the workshop I am leading for the On-line Guild in November.  Most was already done, but there were a few pix that needed doing, and Nick came over to wield the camera.  I take most of the pix, but when both my hands are needed in the shot, and I can’t wedge the camera somewhere, he steps in.  This time it was feathers, the perfect orifice hook for small wheels:

feather orifice hook

The dark shape behind the wheel is Bess.  We gave up on trying to exclude 3 dogs from all shots….

5.  Finally, and most depressingly, I have had to take back all of both sleeves of the FI done so far….  I had just started the raglan decreases when I realised the patterns were a couple of stitches out.  Rows were right, stitches were wrong.  I really AM going to have to learn to count to 12.  In the meantime, instead of two sleeves, I have two balls of yarn waiting to be reknitted….  Good job Carla is not now coming until the early spring!


2 thoughts on “The answer to the previous post…

  1. When the wool runs out, how about taking the dogs for a walk and taking photos along the way to show us the buildings and houses along your route, not to mention the sea. Also you might photograph a few of the cats and dogs you encounter. I’m thinking of one cat in particular and I think you know the one.

    1. I know the one… Unfortunately he died of old age last year – missed by lots of folk – he was one great character!

      Once the weather has subsided I will try to get some pix of the area – it has changed since you were here – the house has windows and doors for a start!!


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