What do you do when the wool runs out?

There I was.  Happily working on the current Fair Isle sweater and listening to a book.  Minding my own business.  I came to the end of one of the colours, put my hand in the bag to get the next ball – only to find there was NO next ball…

It was only then that I remembered I had started this using some of my own wool and some left over from another J&S project – it is, of course, J&S 2 ply jumper weight.  The Colour In Question was from J&S and, although I searched the boxes upstairs, I haven’t used that colour before so do not have any left overs.  I have 19 sts left on the row, then 14 rows before I need the colour again.

SO it was on the phone to Lerwick.  They are putting the ball in the post, but it will take a bit to come.

A bit about the sweater.  This is for a book by Carla Breeze about European knitting.  That was the excuse to do something I had had in mind for a while.  It is a fitted sweater, with a deep V and raglan sleeves.  I am now on the sleeves.

The colours are based on greys with a white background.  But one of the colours is a pink/grey marl and another (the one that ran out) is a blue/grey marl.  This means that if you put it with black or grey, you see the grey, but put it with denim and the blue comes out.

carla close up sm

In the meantime, I am sitting here with nothing else on the needles…  Typical.  I have several other things in the planning etc etc, but not on the needles.

The next problem came soon after.  I had decided to start a pale shawl, but before sitting down again I was going through another box-from-the-garage.  There were all sorts in this one – bits I recognised from my room when the flood came.  I was delighted to find the Laura Ashley roll up sun hat that I was thinking had gone for good.  I put my hand in again – and it came up covered in black ink.  There was a stamping pad in the box which had leaked.  Of course it is permanent….  I have washed and scrubbed my fingers to no avail.  If I do try knitting pale cobweb I just KNOW it will come off on it.  So no pale shawl….!!

Still, I have plenty of work on the computer to keep me occupied.


9 thoughts on “What do you do when the wool runs out?

  1. Your blue/grey marl is fabulous! For the permanent marker…sometimes scrubbing with toothpaste — white toothpaste—will take care of it, sometimes salt or baking soda will work. Sadly but thank goodness it usually wears off fingers in a couple days!

  2. How incredibly clever – the blue-grey marl gives the effect of two different yarns, since it is between the grey and the blue. By the way, I am now reminded of a discussion with a friend the other day — is it technically possible to do true Fair Isle with only two colors? Is there a minimum number of colors that would be expected?

  3. Love your colors. I hope your wait is not long. Acetone nail polish remover takes permanent marker ink off. It is very harsh on the skin though. Needs lots of lotion after. Depends on how much of a hurry (need) you are in to get it off. Another shawl, ye who disfavor knitting them (said with a smile). Can’t wait to see both!!

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