Thank goodness for Chanel

Over the past four weeks I have spent a good deal of my evenings going through the Ready To Wear collections for Spring 2010.  There are four and a half of these sessions of shows each year – Fall and Spring, couture and RTW  (the half being the Cruise Collections, a January afterthought to Spring).

I usually enjoy these months.  First, there is a week in New York, then one in London, then Milan and finally Paris.  I use (the Vogue site) as their coverage and reviews are excellent.  They have each day’s shows up that evening, so you don’t have too many to go through at once.  Fall (which happens in April and May or so) is usually of more interest to the knitter, but I do like to know in general what is happening in the wider fashion world.

So what is happening next Spring?  Not a lot.  If you wear a big bra and big pants under an old net curtain you will be right on trend.  Sheer is big, floaty is big, pants (as the UK uses the term) are big.  Skirts are small, shorts are small – and colour is mainly non-existent.

Chanel Spring RTWThere are exceptions, of course.  Some designers have gone the other way and used lots of colour and lots of pattern in the same pieces.  But even then, most of the shapes are fairly nondescript, and everything is super-short.  And no knitwear of any description – not even by the usual suspects like Pringle.  So after three and a half weeks I was getting bored.

Then came Chanel’s show. Fun, interesting, different, wearable.  Just as on trend as others, but it had the spark so many of the others lacked.  And as an added bonus there was knitwear (and crochet).  The jacket (right) is crocheted and the skirt knitted (across the way, not down the way).  There were knitted and crocheted bags as well as dresses, and the whole collection had a joy which so many others lacked.

In those collections which used colour, it was nice to see some real blues returning.  Not grey-blue or denim blue, but real, deep, baby blues.  I have always loved pink, but the saturation coverage we have had for the past couple of years (which shows no sign of abating) has tended to put me off it.

So I look forward to doing something fun in a good blue for next summer!

2 thoughts on “Thank goodness for Chanel

  1. huh, I only had a look at paris fashion on tv – I don’t have a choice with bras etc. – they have to be big to fit me – but that’s the reason why I rather shy away from wearing net curtains:)) I have to say though: as much as I enjoy seeing interesting knitwear – stuff from “the sound of music” isn’t really a must-have either! for myself I prefer to look at the designer stuff – and do my own fashion anyway:)) I’ve never been mainstream before – and I won’t start now! I do like the fact though that purple is (once again) in fashion….

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