My latest shawl

It was a couple of weeks ago that Kerrie emailed me and asked whether I would write a little shawl pattern.  Richard from ColourMart is giving the free yarn for subscribers of Yarn Forward as from today, and she wanted a pattern to go with it.  Richard sent me a couple of the skeins – merino 2/30, or about the same as most cobweb yarns.

I worked away at it, and then found out that the Ally Pally show started today, and we went for broke.  I finished the shawl on Sunday night, washed it, photographed it, and got it in the post on Monday morning.  Here it is:

YFtriangle 1

And when pinned with one of Romi’s pins (the ram in copper):

YF triangle 2

A close-up of the tip:

YF triangle 3

The main pattern is almost an Estonian one, and almost one found on an Orkney shawl.  But not quite either!!  The whole thing weighs under 50 g, and measures 26 ins from the tip to the long edge, which itself measures about 50 ins.

The second skein was the one I dyed with KoolAid.  I have plans for it later…!!

12 thoughts on “My latest shawl

    1. For the time being, the only way to get the pattern is to subscribe to Yarn Forward magazine. Only when they have a new free gitst will the pattern be available for me to sell – their usual terms (and very fair too – many mags have a much longer time before you can use the pattern eslewhere).


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