Playing Catch Up

The past 10 days have been plain silly!!  I am now playing my favourite (or most played) game of catch-up…

It all started last weekend.  Steve, my husband (separated but still friends) was 60 on 30th September, and son Nick and I have been planning his present.  Other son (Ben) was away at sea, so only in on the planning occassionally.

None of us are flash with cash, and Nick came up with the perfect present.  In his youth, Steve used to do a lot of hill walking in the Scottish hills, especially in winter.  Nick is also keen, and he suggested he take Steve in to the bothy at Strathy for a couple of days.  He reckoned Steve was fit enough for the walking without extra training, so we decided not to tell him until last Sunday.

Steve already walks a lot, so had the boots and heavy duty waterproofs.  I got him the other bits he would need – ruck sack, head light, mess tins etc etc etc – while Ben got him a good sleeping bag.  Nick did the ferry and food.  My main pressie, however, was looking after Nigel while he was away.

Nigel has severe learning difficulties and challenging behaviour.  He has been with the family for about 17 years, and usually when Steve goes away, Nigel’s care costs moe than Steve’s holiday.  I had Nigel, along with Steve’s ancient collie/lab cross rescue, Taz.

So on the Sunday we gave Steve the stuff and told him what was happening.  I had Nigel and Taz from Monday night until Saturday lunchtime, which, although I had other help, took up all my energy.  But it was worth it.  Steve (and Nick) had a very good time, and Steve was delighted to be back in the hills.  They are going to do it again, they say!

Then on Saturday, I got a call from Ben saying he was coming home yesterday after 3 months away.  He lives with Steve when he is home from sea, and last night we had to have a big Chinese carry-oot (take away) as a home coming celebration.

I did get SOME work done while I had Nigel.  I finished a jacket for my mother to wear at the wedding of one of her grand children, my niece Katie.  It is made with 4 strands of 2/28 silk/cashmere/merino in a bright red.  She has a white high-necked blouse and black trousers or skirt to go underneath, and wanted red.  She had an old jacket and she wanted this to be the same shape, with buttons right down the front.  (I would have had 3 large buttons on the yoke!)

Ruth's jacket all

Ruth's jacket top

The stitch pattern is a traditional Orkney gansey one….

I also got a couple of skeins of 2/30 merino from Richard for a project which can be revealed on Wednesday!!  One lot I knitted up as it was, the other I dyed.  I had some packets of KoolAid that I had been waiting to try, so I thought this was a good time.  Everywhere said 1 packet per oz (25 g) wool, and as the skein was 50 g, I used one packet of Arctic Green Apple and one of something about blue raspberry – can’t remember the name and there is a stack of wool on top of the box the other packet is in!!  It dyed well, but the colour was paler than I thought it would be.  I have wound the skein, but not started knitting yet:

koolaid skein sm

On Wednesday I can show you what else I have been knitting this past week…!!


3 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. Such a splendid jacket as shown! Three yoke buttons would also look very smart.

    Any chance of your making the pattern available? I’m quickly becoming a Northern Lace partisan! 😀

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