That smell again….

Yesterday I got back the final few boxes which had been in storage after the flood.  These had been in a friend’s house, in a cupboard.  They were boxes which had been filled as we were removing all the wet stuff etc…

As soon as I opened the first one the smell hit me and I was back to the days after the flood.  The smell of damp, dank, rotten seaweed-and-worse along with that of the mold that appears almost at once…  Every box I opened had the same smell – very strong even thought the items did not actually feel damp.

I don’t usually use biological washing powder or the hot wash on my machine, but for the past couple of days everything has been through a 60 degree (C) wash!  Mercifully that seems to have done the trick.  I have also been burning candles – including the one I had with my favourite perfume – Laughter by Space  NK.  That is also helping.

The good part is that one box was full of brand new thermals!!  I had completely forgotten them,and as my present ones are in need of replacement, that has saved me a good deal of money!  I am NOT going to give you a pic!!  Once they are dry, though, I might take a pic of a sweater and a cardi that are in the process of resurrection…

Another good thing is a pile of knitting patterns from way back that I thought I had lost (I did lose most of my ‘collection’).  They include some Phildar baby books from the late 1970s and a variety of other individual patterns from way back before WW2, not to mention plenty of pages torn out of Woman’s Weekly in the 40s and 50s.  (These came from my paternal grandmother.)  There are also a load of cross stitch and other embroidery booklets, including several smocking ones I thought I had lost.

So my usually tidy kitchen/living room is now covered in boxes and piles of books and papers being left about to dry out!  I don’t want to stack them away until they are completely dry.  And I want to continue to be able to take peeks at them as I pass….


6 thoughts on “That smell again….

  1. Sorry about the memories this brings back, but isn’t it nice to find things you’d forgotten completely about! Happens to me occasionally and it’s always like being given a present.



  2. I know it must have brought back bad memories but it also must have been exciting to look at things you have not seen in ages and that you thought had been destroyed. Sus x

    1. It was! I never knew what would be in the next box! The two sweaters I knew were there are still drying, but the thermals are already in use! Son Nick also found some things he thought he had lost…. And all the Lego was there!!


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