NIFA is back!!

Well, after a break for a couple of years I am going to be putting on some trips next year. Just don’t tell my doctor!!

They are not going to be as long or as far as those of 06 and 07, but I hope they will be as much fun. They will be based here in The Old Harbour Master’s House. After all, that is what a lot of the design was for! Downstairs I have an all-purpose room with a table seating 8 comfortable and 10 at a push. Upstairs I have a studio where quite a few people can sit and spin while others sit and spindle or knit or whatever. I also have two extra computers (as well as the 2 I work from daily!) and loads of books, yarn and fibre.

When I go away to teach I can only take (a) what I can carry and (b) what I guess might be useful. Having classes here means I have all my resources at my fingertips and students have a far broader range of things to play with. If there is a call for it we may go to other Orkney islands, particularly North Ronaldsay to see the sheep on the rocks. I MAY do one trip to Shetland, but it is too early to get that sorted at present.

If anyone thinks they might be interested in coming, I have the preliminary details on my website. To keep up to date with changes as they happen, join the Yahoo group. It is there that we will be discussing the finer details of the trips, and where I will be putting things like travel and accommodation possibilities.


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