Haapsalu Sall again

Good news for those of you waiting for an English translation!!

I had an email from Tiina, the person at the publishers who deals with international sales etc.  She says that they are well on with the English translation, and hope to have the book ready by the end of the year.  So put it on your Christmas list!!

I have been looking at it again since I got back from Aberdeen.  I had hoped to use some of the patterns in a project I am doing for Yarn Forward.  My idea was to do a ‘fusion’ project – a shawl with Estonian patterns but made up the inside-out Shetland way.  However, the patterns are stocking stitch based while most Shetland ones are garter stitch based, so that isn’t going to work.  So I am doing a separate Estonian stole for now.  The fusion idea will work for a future project, but the one on the drawing board needs to be flexible with easy maths….

This morning while I was out at the dentist, my Terrier Twin struck again!!  I know she is female (because all the folk taking part ARE) and that she is in North America (because all the folk taking part apart from me ARE!!).  I also know she reads this…  The only other thing I know is that she has been very clever keeping her identity quiet and keeping me guessing.  And that she is very generous…!!

This time a lovely skein of lace weight wool in subtle shades of purple – not quite solid.  If something else doesn’t come up, I will be spending time tomorrow starting to swatch for a scarf/stole/shawl using one or more of the Estonian patterns.  Until I get the skein wound into a ball and start to play I can’t be certain exactly what shape I will go for, and the shape will have a part in deciding which stitch pattern.

As they say, watch this space….


4 thoughts on “Haapsalu Sall again

  1. Oh, hurray re. the book! I’ve been wanting a copy ever since I read your review of it here. I’ve just fired off an e-mail to see whether I can get it in Canada. The surprise yarn sounds so wonderful, too – you’re sure to make something beautiful with it!

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