The Shetland Lace day

So after Fair Isle on Saturday it was Shetland lace on Sunday!  Several old friends were back, along with others to make a slightly bigger class.  Class was the operative word – they spent a lot of time with their heads down in near silence working on their assignments!  Very diligent students!!

knitting lace at The Woolshed

Again it was a group with very differing experience of both knitting and lace.  One mother and daughter pair were there, and half way through the afternoon I hard from across the room ‘Ha!  I have taught my MOTHER how to do something in knitting!’

looking at lace at The Woolshed

One lovely, unplanned bit was when one lady brought out an old, very well worn and washed shawl  at least 20 years old.  Lo and behold, another lady was presently working on the SAME shawl.  We had a good time comparing the two – the old one had been knitted at a tighter tension even before the washing, and it was a splendid example of the fact that there is no one ‘correct’ tension for lace.

After the class was over I had a chance to have a good nose round The Woolshed. They have some wonderful yarns, several of which I had never felt before.  I tied my hands behind my back when looking at the Manos del Uruguay silk blend (the colours were fantastic!!), but I couldn’t resist some sugar cane yarn in ice cream colours for a specific project for Yarn Forward.  You will have to wait until next spring to see the result!  I also got some brown-with-navy sock yarn for socks to ‘go’ with my FI jacket.

And today I did something I have never done before:  I bought a copy of Yarn Forward 18 in a shop!  The WH Smith in Inverness had it, along with the bookazine, and several other knitting mags.

6 thoughts on “The Shetland Lace day

    1. Orkney is a glorious place – but we won’t mention the weather!! There are a lot of creative folk living there, and if the archeological record is anything to go by, there have been for a very long time…


  1. maybe the battle with the weather is partly to “blame” for those creative souls? if you had mediterranean sunshine all the time – you might sit out in the sun all day without lifting a finger?:)) I tend to do more fibrey stuff during autumn and winter than spring and summer (too much to do in the garden, among other things….).
    your lace class sounds like fun – and I know the feeling when you suddenly realise that you’re overtaking mum in a discipline – esp. when she’s pretty good at something herself!

  2. Love that I found your blog through ravelry…I am in love with all things Scottish, one of my kinsmen of yore was kicked out of Scotland for uprising against the King. We are planning a jaunt that way next summer…your blog will help in oh so many ways!


  3. Liz, I am so glad you had a link to order the new book on Estonian lace; and staying with Ruth Sørensen, who had recently purchased it in Tallinn and I really wanted a copy.

    As always, you are so generous in sharing information!

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