That nasty little man…

Well, I hope that nasty man on the train gets to hear that his totally off behaviour is being spread round the world…

I came over to Mainland Scotland to come to Aberdeenshire to teach at The Woolshed.  Ferry was fine.  Got off, sat down to wait for the bus.  Was told it didn’t come to the pier any more and we were expected to walk over half a mile.  I pointed out – very politely – that I was not capable of walking that far, that the ticket said the PIER not the old terminal, that it had always come down in the past, and that there was no sign of any change on the website of either Northlink (ferry) or Citylink (bus).  Very nice woman said she was just finishing her shift and would take me up.  They also agreed that there had been no warning of the change, and gave me the address of the man to complain to.

Bus finally arrived, a few minutes late.  By the time we got to Inverness we were over 20 minutes late, and I had to dash to the station to get my train.  I had to pick up my tickets, and the punters in the queue were brilliant, letting me go first.

I then dashed as fast as my little legs would carry me to the platform.  A very nasty little man (with very obvious Little Man Syndrome) said You’re cutting it fine – we can’t wait for you.  I was in tears by this time, and said it wasn’t my fault the bus was late.  He then stood and watched me struggle to get my case on board, and watched me collapse into a seat.  The train started.  He then came and told me You can’t sit there – this if First Class.  And made me move four rows forward beyond a half partition.

Later, at a station down the line, 3 people got in by the same door and sat in the First Class.  He looked at their tickets and said You shouldn’t be sitting here – but never mind.  He let them stay.

The third and final insult was when I came to get off.  There was quite a drop and quite a big gap, and this nasty little man stood and watched me struggle to get down and struggle to get my case down.  He just stood and watched…

As some of you know, I can’t be mistaken for being able-bodied at the best of times – I am decidedly bent!!  Needless to say, apart from my return trip to Inverness on Sunday, I will never travel by First Trains again.

The train was the 18.10 from Inverness to Aberdeen.  And yes, when I get home I will be putting in a complaint.

That was the end of my bad luck.  I staggered along the road to my B&B to find the lady waiting for me with the door open, and the kettle in my room HOT!!!!  Bliss….


9 thoughts on “That nasty little man…

  1. lovely:(( I hate those guys – sometimes it feels as if they get off on being mean – maybe it gives them the feeling of “power” that they don’t get otherwise:(( I think you’re right to complain – and I hope something comes off it!!

    still – enjoy your stay otherwise!

  2. I am so glad you are going to file a formal complaint. His behaviour was deplorable, and must be pointed out. Forget chivalry; what has happened to common decency? Shame on him!

  3. Sounds like TransAdelaide to me. The Transit Officers will sit there and watch me try to get my tricycle on…ask for help and I am told, “It’s a bike and we don’t help with bikes.” I have to pay a second ticket to put it on although gophers and wheelchairs get carried free…and my tricycle is as essential as either…I am good at making waves but, so far, the waves have not swamped them. Sigh!

  4. Good luck with the complaint, but don’t expect much of a positive response from First. Maybe you can get him with him not insisting other people move from the first class cabin – fair’s fair.

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