Last scent of summer

Freyalyn mentioned the window boxes seen through my window.  I took advantage of the sunny weather yesterday to take pix.  Here they are:

window boxes

These ones will see me through the winter until the spring bulbs come through, when these will go in the back and the other set come to the front.  As the house is directly on the road, and on a tourist road at that, I do like to keep some interest there.

I am no gardener.  Never have been and never will be.  But I do like some colour and, above all, some scent in the garden.  This year the only thing I grew was a big tub full of sweet peas – the old fashioned sort, with shorter stems, smaller flowers and loads of fragrance.  Throughout June and July I always had a small vase of them in the kitchen.

Then in the middle of August we had our first winter blast, which dashed all the flowers off the stems, and broke several of the main stems too.  That was it.  I hadn’t got round to taking them out, though, and a couple of weeks later I realised there was another flush of flowers – smaller than the last, but there none the less.  This time I took a few pix:

sweet peas

When I picked them, I thought that the green things were aphids.  But on closer inspection I realised they were sticky seeds of some description.

The next storm is upon us now.  This time there is little rain, just the wind.  No boats, no planes, just the wind.  We have been forecast gusts of 80 mph (which means a steady 60 mph or so).  Here we are comparatively sheltered, but already the smaller plant pots are over and anything not weighted down is on wings.  It isn’t due to last long, and should be down in 24 hours.  I hope so – I am due to be travelling south to near Aberdeen on Friday to teach….

So, just for luck, some white heather from one of my boxes:

white heather


6 thoughts on “Last scent of summer

  1. reading this makes me realise that I shouldn’t complain about the weather! we’ve had another yucky summer, massive amounts of rain, not much sun, but no storms either and certainly no cold spells! heather is still far from my mind – it’s still coneflowers, dahlias etc. = autumn orange and yellow – and some sweat peas too, though I am rather disappointed, because this modern variety has barely any scent, compared to the mattucana I grew last year.

    1. That is why I went for the variety I did – I wanted the scent…

      We have gone straight from summer to winter. The temperature is varying hugely from day to day – but the winds have come early and done the damage in the gardens.


  2. Oh… your heather looks so beautiful and healthy! I too am not a gardener, which is unfortunate because I keep having to do it anyway. The white heather I planted (under a maple tree that ensures both shade and drought, what was I thinking?) doesn’t look at all like yours ;^)

    1. Yes – these seem to like their boes! They have put on groweth since I got them a couple of months ago, and the flowers are outrageous! I always associate white heathers with small flowers, and not many on a spike. But these are huge (relatively speaking!).


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