More dyeing

I tend to do my dyeing in biggish stints.  A lot of the time is taken up with getting everything together, and so it makes sense to dye everything in sight!  This time it was just under 5 kgs in 7 batches.

I had a big box of skeins from Jane at the mill on North Ronaldsay, and I have  recently got  in all my missing dye colours, so I had a good play.  This is the result as they came down from drying:

Hand dyed North Ronaldsay skeins

The top left is a new colour – not exactly as planned, but who cares?!  I never cease to be amazed at the colours one gets on mixing dyes.

This one is a mix of Marine Blue and Malachite.  Both were spooned in the pot of hot water and stirred a bit before the skeins were added.  Usually the dye colours mix so while I get variation in the depth of colour, the basic colour is the same all over.  This time there seemed to have been areas of the pot with more green and bits with more blue.  The skeins which went in were while, grey and fawn, and this is what came out:

turquoise North Ronaldsay skeins

The actual colours are slightly greener in the flesh as on my monitor, but you get the idea!  I was tempted to put them aside for my own use, but I can try again!

By the time the hanks were sorted, weighed, labelled and those for the shops put aside, my window sill looked like this:

basket of North Ronaldsay hand-dyed skeins

9 thoughts on “More dyeing

    1. Must take some pix of the window boxes… These are the perennials one – heathers and heaths and ivy. They are due to flower at different times, but each box has 2 in flower at present – not complaining!


  1. don’t know why you’re complaining – I am dyeing too, but fibres, not yarns – which have to be spun before I am able to use them:)) I’d take the burgundy (or is it dark purple?) anytime, lovely colour!

    1. Ah yes… the fibre… Did some of that the other day, too. As you say, one extra process!! I am currently deciding what I want to knit with it so what thickness I want to spin that…

      There are burgundy skeins there – that is a lovely colour, too, especially on the grey wool..


    1. I haven’t yet – most of the dyed wool goes in the local shops. I have always thought that the postage costs would put people off…

      I do sell some of the dyed stuff to folk by post, though… Must think about Etsy….!


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