My aim is always to have a project in progress, so I don’t have the situation where I am weary, want to knit, but have only complex calculations before me. Somehow this never happens… I always seem to finish several things at once. I have recently finished a cowl for me – the pattern will be with ColourMart later when I have finished the next one.

As many of you know, I don’t do sparkles – they make me look like a tart!! HOWEVER, here in Orkney in winter we dress for warmth not for looks, and I have made a cowl for ME in Richard’s lambswool sparkle, in a wonderful aqua colour with silver sparkles, which will go with my black and brown town coats and my hi-viz dog-walking coat.

Sparkly cowl for ColourMart sm

The yarn is a 1/12 lace weight and I got Richard to wind 3 strands together – colour c334/a120. The result is a heavy fingering – as it is knitted on 4.5 mm needles, it just means the finished cowl had a bit more body than the one I made for Yarn Forward in fingering. The pattern is different, too, but the basic shape is the same (obviously!!).

I have now started on the aran weight cowl for the same pattern. This has cables with a few bobbles (which could be left out of you have an aversion to them) and is knitted on 6 mm needles.

Also on the needles is knotwork Fair Isle piece for the workshop I am teaching in September. It is coming along fine, but isn’t yet at a point where pix make any sense…


4 thoughts on “Cowls….

  1. Liz, this looks yummy! I especially like it wrapped around both head and neck. I rolled my eyes when you said what you were making, but now I want the pattern!

    1. They really are so much more pracical than scarves in wind and rain – and so much warmer too!!

      Glad you like it! It will probably be another week or two before the pattern is available – it partly depends on the post…


  2. Our winters are like your summers so we hardly need such things…even tearing full tilt down the road on my tricycle! I can definitely see the advantages however…nice!

    1. In that case your winters are NOT like our summers!! It is still Augsut but I am back in hats – only had about 4 weeks without them this year, and about 5 tee shirt days…

      But I know what you mean!


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