Purple Passion Plied!!

Now that could be taken more than one way….  What I mean, of course, is that I have finished plying my llama/alpaca mixed batt, which was given the name of Purple Passion.

Here is a section of the skein:

purple passion plied skein
(The real colour is more purple…)

And here are a couple of pix showing it with J&S 1 ply cobweb weight wool and ColourMart 2/28 lace weight.  It was difficult to get shaddow-less pix – dreadful weather = artificial ight…  Hopefully you can see the comparison.

PP compared to J&S cobweb and ColourMart 2/28
PP compared on tape measure
The tape shows centimetres (20, 20, 22) and inches (8 to 81/2 with 9 out of the photo on the right).

I got 550 yards to the 2 oz.  Which shows how the weight of the fibres makes a big difference – the J&S cobweb would be 700+ yards for the same weight, yet the alpaca is finer.  This is because (a) the alpaca fibres are denser than those of Shetland wool and (b) the alpaca is worsted spun and the wool is woollen spun.  It does show the problems with ALL measures – weight, yardage and wpi are all only as useful as the person using them!!

Now all I need is the time to knit it up…..

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