Up All Night and a PS to Shows….

Well, they say that Orkney has 9 months of winter and 3 months of bad weather.  To be fair, we have had a good summer – not warm, but quite calm and dry.  So last night’s gale was a shock to the system.

During the winter one gets used to the sound of the wind and what it can do.  But over the summer you forget.  In addition, this is quite early for big gales, and people don’t have things battened down.

I did sleep until about 2 am.  By then the wind was howling and whistling round the house, and throwing unknown things about outside.  It was rough enough to make the dogs uneasy, and none of us had much sleep after that.  Fortunately, Radio Scotland – my drug of choice – is good overnight.  It joins with another BBC station, Radio Five Live in the small hours for a programme called Up All Night.  It is excellent – I often listen to short or long stretches.

Over the weekend I have had 4 dogs here – my two Scotties, Nick’s Collie Bess and Steve’s (very) old rescue collie Taz:

left to right - Taz, Ben, Bess, Scottie
left to right - Taz, Ben, Bess, Scottie

Taz is 16 and very, very deaf.  He is also quit arthritic, but enjoys life when he is awake.  Ben and Bess play together madly, while Scottie and Taz keep out of the way.  Bess is here while Nick is working overnight, and playing with his scrambler.  Today he won all three of his races, so he was a Very Happy Bunny when he came to pick up Bess.

And a PS to shows.  I got an email from a fibre friend in the Deep South yesterday.  Welmoed Perrin entered her Orkney Pi in the spinning section of her local show at Sticklepath in Devon.  Not only did it win that class, but got the Best Exhibit too.  I have her permission to put her pix up here:

Welmoed's Orkney Pi a

Welmoed's Orkney Pi b

All hand spun by Welmoed – a very clever lady – she gave me a hand woven teatowel when I moved in, and it is wonderful too!!


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