For anyone who went to Ravelry Day 2009…

I was bored and wandering through ALL my Ravelry groups and came across a post from Ness on the Ravrelry 2009 group.  I was concerned that few people would be looking at that group regularly, and I asked her if I could spread the word further afield.  Here (with her permission) is her post:

“It has come to my attention that Jo and her family are personally out of pocket following Rav Day in Coventry this June.

I really do not think this should be allowed, and whilst I do not have much in the way of money to help, I do have some stash which I could raffle in return for donations. 100% of these donations would then be forwarded to Jo and her family.

Jo is being magnanimous about this and won’t say how much out of pocket they are, but I would remind everyone that she also organised Rav Day completely without salary, so if we raise too much, well then there’s a little wage for her.

Raffle tickets are just £1 each, buy as many of as few as you like. Simply go to paypal, click on send money, choose “gift” and send your money to me at (that’s nessa underscore hubbard at yahoo dot co dot uk).

The draw will be held at midday on Thursday 10th September 2009 and winners notified the same day. I’ll also post here the winners and how much money was raised.”

If anyone wants to add extra prizes, see the post on the 2009 Ravelry Day group on Ravelry, or email Ness to let her know.  I have added one of my CD-roms – winner’s choice.

I know how much effort Jo put in to the day, and having organised such things in the past I know the hours and hours it takes to sort stuff out.  If you enjoyed the day, contribute!!

Thank you!

Meanwhile, I am working on the blurb for my classes NEXT year in Stirling….


2 thoughts on “For anyone who went to Ravelry Day 2009…

  1. I was asked to go to this and have a stand but didn’t in the end because I was worried about having cashmere outside if the weather was bad. Is Jo’s being out of pocket because the weather wasn’t good or was attendance poor? I suspect it may be just that these things cost far more than anyone ever imagines they will! It’s absolutely wrong that she should suffer through this. She was so good to organise it for everyone. May I lift your content for my Blog? The further we spread the word the better!

    1. Basically it was because the numbers were so HIGH that they had to have extra accommodation etc – when they set the ticket price they didn’t realise how big it was going to get etc etc etc…

      Huge numbers went – and people spent and spent in spite of the rain – a very good time was had by all.

      It is all inside next year. And because they know what to expect, there won’t be the same problems.

      Yes – please do spread the word – lift the whole paragraph I lifted from Tess!

      Thanks. Liz

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