Fair Isle Finished!

The Fair Isle sweater I have done for J&S is finished and drying. As always when I come to the end of a project I work on it obsessively to get it done! So I am now shattered! It has turned out well, and fits the mannequin perfectly. Always a relief! With a sample you can always get a different sized model, but it is reassuring to know that my maths and knitting both behaved. Can’t show pix yet, but I think it is fair to say it fulfils the design brief of a modern, fitted sweater AND the call for more vertical designs! Watch this space!

At present I only have the one size written up. I now need to do the maths for the other sizes, then leave it for a while before re-checking the figures. I like to write up another pattern between the maths and the proofing – that way there is less chance of me seeing what I THINK is right, not what is actually THERE!!

I have also finished the cowl in the cashmere sparkles for Yarn Forward. The pattern for that is ready – just need the paperwork from Shannon before sending it off. It has also turned out well – simple but effective. I am about to cast on a similar (but different) one for me. I don’t do sparkle, but I couldn’t resist the aqua lambswool one with the silver running through. I will just have to look a tart!! In the darkness during the winter up here no one will see anyway!

Yesterday was an expensive day. My PC is away at its maker for some TLC, and we have decided it should be retired from active service – it has had 5 years of very hard work. Fifteen years ago my son went to a camp and met Andrew Rawnsley, and they became firm friends, both having health issues, and both being computer mad. Andrew has since made computing his work, writing programs as well as building computers. All our family get our machines from him – he put in them what we NEED, not what the big chains tell us we need. So for no more than an off-the-peg machine, I am getting the speed and capacity I need for dealing with photos etc, but without the gaming stuff, bells and whistles they would put in a factory machine. So as Andrew has some holiday next week, I will continue to be working on my R-comp laptop for a bit yet before the new beastie arrives…

It is fine, but I will keep hitting the Caps Lock instead of the ‘a’ key! So I continue to work on my old (11 years) Risc machine, email it to my laptop, and publish from there…. At times it pays to have a research brain!!!


4 thoughts on “Fair Isle Finished!

  1. Can’t wait to see the new designs! Not that I’m up to those yet…. That’s an excellent procedure for proofing; having worked as a proofreader years ago, I’m still a little OCD about typos, but our brains do play tricks on us!

  2. CapLock a problem — simply remove the key from the keyboard! I did that years ago when I had a job that required all entries to be in CAPS. Saved a lot of stress that way. 😀

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