Passionate in Purple

I have been thoroughly enjoying spinning my batts – named Passionate in Purple by The Critter Ranch – these were a pressie from my terrier twin, so I have no idea where she bought them!! The batts are beautifully carded – light and airy, with fibres truly parallel. They are made up of one layer of navy, one of a blueish purple, and one of lilacs and purple mixed. I am spinning them as they come – tearing the big batt into strips about 2 ins wide, and letting the colours come as they want. Sometimes I get a long run of one colour, other times I get mixes. I have finished the first bobbin, and have just started the second.

first bobbin

second bobbin

The colour of the full bobbin on my screen is the more accurate: I will be plying the two bobbins together to get a yarn which is about J&S cobweb weight. I have a total of just over 4 oz in two batts, so there is plenty of spinning ahead. I hope to make a lacy capelet to disguise my upper arms on holiday later in the year….!!

As an aside for those who spin, you might notice that I don’t bother to do anything special to my bobbins before fine spinning. Even with finer stuff. Experience has taught me it is not necessary… And speaking with Shetland spinners, they don’t either. The do use straw and feathers though – feathers make great orifice hooks for taking fine fibres and yarns through the orifice, and a slither of straw put across the filling bobbin can help locate an errant ends….

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