Wheel spinning again….

This evening I finally brought my Orkney wheel downstairs and spun for the first time in months.  Why didn’t I do this before???

For those who haven’t seen her, here she is:

My Orkney wheel

Although she has been idle for months, she started up sweet as a nut, and I was spinning a fine thread without even having to adjust the tension.

I am spinning a llama/alpaca batt in purple, lilac and navy, sent to me by my Terrier Twin from the AngelScot group.  Don’t ask me who they are, because I don’t know!  They have managed to keep it a secret…

The batt is very soft, and beautifully carded, with long parallel fibres.  My first idea, before starting, was that I wanted to make a very light weight shrug/shawl – and this will certainly do that.  It is spinning up very fine no problem.  A real joy to spin.

Now I just need more time….!!

5 thoughts on “Wheel spinning again….

  1. Your Orkney wheel is so pretty! I just started spinning a few weeks ago and I love, love, love it! Not quite spinning lace weight yet…

    1. She IS a pretty wheel – a very special wheel too – must tell folk more about her when I have time to find all the relevent pix!

      I’m glad you are enjoying spinning – it is so different from knitting – still the rhythm thing, but a different set!

      And just remember thre is nothing special about spinning fine. I do it because I want fine yarns to knit. But there is a lot of unnnecessary snobbery about it!!!


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