Finishing and Starting

Over the years I have realised that I am happiest when I am in the middle of a project – a quarter of the way in is ideal – the first quarter is worry in case it won’t be right, the last quarter is thought about the next project!!

That is where I am now with not one, but two, projects…

But back to finishing…  Later in the year I am teaching down at The Woolshed near Aberdeen.  Barbara, who owns the shop, sent me some 1/11.5 lace weight wool to try.  I made another mini shawl for use in the lace class:

mini shawl 1

This one is about 18 ins square, knitted on 4 mm needles.  It is done inside out, with a garter stitch ground, and each of the four borders knitted separately.  The lace edging is then knitted round, taking off the live stitches from the borders.  The whole thing is very soft, and the yarn took the dressing/blocking very well.  It is still the same size as I pinned it several days later.

That is the finishing, now the starting…

Since then I have started two projects – one for J&S and one for Yarn Forward.

The one for J&S is a Fair Isle sweater.  As I find I can only do so many hours of FI per day, I have also started a cowl for Yarn Forward in some of ColourMart’s cashmere sparkles.  It has a straightforward pattern, so I am doing that when the brain has had enough of concentration.  Both projects are at that glorious quarter done stage – I don’t need to think about anything else for a while – I can just enjoy the knitting and concentrate on the audio books….

However…  this morning I received a large parcel from ColourMart with some of the cashmere fingering marl ‘odds and ends’ lots.  They go together very well, as I had hoped, so I am thinking exactly what to do with them….  I cannot decide whether a jacket or a sweater would be most useful.  I am a sucker for jackets, but I really don’t need another one..

I also got one of the 2/28 lots called emerald.  It is actually more of a cross between a bottle and a very dark teal – a fabulous colour.  More decisions….


4 thoughts on “Finishing and Starting

  1. Oh, you are so dangerous! Of course I had to go look for that emerald, even though I’m on a strict yarn diet, and new project diet for that matter… have just started the Princess. Fortunately I didn’t find any emeralds at Colourmart.

  2. Good Morning, I was visiting your site and wonered if you would be giving the shawl classes on line, and if so how could I sign up for them. Your sample is so pretty I would very much like to knit it with you all. Hope to hear from you soon…thank you. Katy
    Later I would also like to order the book you write about in your blog.

    1. Hi Katy,

      Sorry about the delay – it got under the radar last night….!

      I haven’t got anything planned at present, but I might do something next winter…. It all depends on other commitments. Stuff is in the pipeline, but not all confirmed….


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