Grow Your Own

They say that the only way to get domestic help these days is to breed it.  The same is true for models!

I got an email from Kerrie of KAL Media on Tuesday evening wanting a pattern for an up and coming bookazine.  As usual, she gives me LOTS of time: this time everything to be at the office by Friday!!

The Old and New vest is one I got ready for Ravelry Day.  It was in the fashion show there, but I only had pix on mannequins not real models.  Fortunately Wednesday was lovely, and Nick not working, so he came down.

These are a couple of the shots I got:

Old and New vest

Old and New vest 2

The vest is knitted in J&S 2 ply jumper weight, using their un-dyed yarns.

As he was here, and the weather was good, I took the chance to do a few other garments.  The Burnside Vest was another pattern prepared for Ravelry Day.  This one is knitted in Frangipani 5 ply yarn:

Burnside Vest 1

Burnside Vest 2

The dog is Bess and she belongs to Nick – model and accessory come together!!

I got the fiddling done, and the CD with the pattern and pixs off to Lou in time.  If only the Orkney weahter were that kind all the time!!

(Both patterns are available from my Etsy shop.)

12 thoughts on “Grow Your Own

  1. Stop giving my father and brother ideas about what I might make them! I have too much to knit now! Actually, very nice Liz, very nice indeed.

  2. Well done!!!
    For the umpteenth time: Your designs are proof of traditional patterns being absolutely timeless and therefore worth the effort of knitting.

  3. The vests, model and pup are all fine!

    I agree with Margret. You can’t beat good timeless designs.

    Looking forward to meeting you at UK Knit Camp next year in August.

    Highlands Ranch, Colorado

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