Victorian Collar

Sometimes as a freelance, several things dovetail at once….

I had been thinking about patterns for lace collars for the Orkney book.  There are many school photos for the early Twentieth Century with the poorer girls wearing knitted lace collars (the richer had ‘real’ lace). I thought about using a similar construction to one I have used before for the fingerless mitts I did for Cherry Hill. For this, the cable would be knitted to form the stand up collar band, with stitches being picked up along the top edge for a frill and the bottom edge for the main part of the collar.

It was at this point that I heard that Lark Books were looking for submissions for a book with the working title Capelets, Collars and Cowls.  The designs had to be submitted ‘ready made’ so I went to my stash and found some lilac cashmere:

victorian collar

The yarn is ColourMart cashmere – actually 2/28 used double to make a standard lace weight.  It is knitted on 4 mm needles, and is a lot easier than it looks!

They first wrote back and said they couldn’t use it, then 2 days later came another email saying things had changed and they DID want it.  But in navy.

This time I didn’t have a suitable yarn in stash, but Richard came up trumps as usual, so I have on my desk the finished navy version, waiting for buttons and for me to finish fiddling with the pattern.

The book isn’t out until next summer…..

I had done a simpler one, too, with the same basic construction but this time with bands of lace and increases between the bands.  Yarn Forward has taken that design – more details when it comes out!!

So I will need to come up with another collar for the Orkney book…!


9 thoughts on “Victorian Collar

  1. That is just lovely! I’m so glad I clicked over here from KBTH tonight and “discovered” your blog. Please do give us details when the Orkney book is published?

  2. Love your patterns, and descriptions of patterns – the Victorian Collar now, oh how lovely! Can’t wait to knit this one! Hurry along, book folk!

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