One of the nice things about living here is that folk come and see you when they are on holiday!  Yesterday I have two such folk – or rather, one person and one group!

The group was the Skeins and Skerries group lead by Joyce James.  We have a craft shop called The Workshop  in the village – exactly opposite my door! – and I had met Joyce before when they came there.  This year, with kindly weather, both doors were open and folk came and went between the two places.  I always have some wool, CD-roms, stitch markers etc on display in my kitchen, but yesterday I got more wool down from upstairs, put it on my chairs, and displayed all the stitch markers etc:

Northern Lace's 'shop'!

Northern Lace's 'shop' 2

The group included people from the USA, Canada and Australia, and it was lovely talking to them.  I was left wishing I had more time with them.

My other visitor was Diane from Atlanta.  We had been corresponding by email for a bit and had arranged for her to come down while she was on holiday in Orkney.  She sat very quietly in the corner while the group were here, but for the rest of her time we were able to talk about a host of things.  She very kindly took me to The Creel for a meal in the evening – they serve the most glorious food, and we have a very pleasant time.


4 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. I think this is the first time I have left a message at a blog, despite being an avid blog-reader… Anyway, hello Liz, and say hello to Diane if you see her again. She went to Orkney from my house here at the other end of the British Isles!

    Your kitchen doubles delightfully as a shop, which is more than you’d be able to say for mine!

  2. We discovered just days before we moved here that my husband’s family (the male line) came from Cornwall. They lived for a while in the China Clay district (St Austell) but came from further west — St Agnes and thereabouts. But not as far west as we are now….

    Diane has left Orkney now. She keeps telling me I’d love it, and I have to believe her.

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