CD-roms now easily available!

It’s my party and I’ll give an ad if I want to…

So I have finally got everything together and have put the CD-roms on Folksy and Etsy.  Lots more details (a page for each) here:

CD-roms by Elizabeth Lovick

The Fair Isle, lace and North Ron ones are really collections of previously published material, along with lots of photos of the places which have not been available before.  The gansey one is mainly the gansey workshop that I did a while ago on the Traditional Knitting list, and the spindle one is all new, based on the material I use when teaching.

The CD-roms are apparently reviewed in the new Yarn Forward (issue 16) which is due out next week.  I haven’t seen what they have written about them….

I did have an awful job putting the photos together.  I have thousands of pix of North Ron and Fair Isle, and hundreds of Unst.  Choosing was the problem.  Hopefully I have put together a mix which folk will find interesting, while not getting too bored!  And I simply used my favourites for the wall papers!


3 thoughts on “CD-roms now easily available!

  1. I have had a wonderful time looking at your pictures, your work and your Etsy site.

    If I can figure out how to knit lace using lace weight yarn I intend to order your Papay shawl pattern. I’ve been knitting since age 18 and am self-taught. I’ve never knit anything in yarn smaller than worsted weight. I’ve ordered new needles to handle with pointier tips the lace weight yarns that I hope will help. That and little bitty post-it pointers to help me remember where I’ve left off knitting should help.


    Cece’s Creationz
    Edna, TX

    1. Hi Cecelia,

      If you are used to using worsted weight, I suggest you have a try with fingering before going down to lace weight. It isn’t more difficult – it just FEELS different!!

      Good luck with it.


  2. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for the advice. I have worked with both sport weight and baby yarn in the past but I’ll see how it goes. I do have a pattern that calls for fingering so I might try that one first.

    BTW, I live on the Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico where we don’t get a lot of cold weather so I hardly ever need heavy coats or sweaters so the love of knitting and the need for a nice shawl have merged to create an urge to get out the needles and do something. I also crochet and can’t even number the things I’ve done with this craft. I crochet much faster than I knit and with two growing daughters it was easier to do their jumpers with crochet.

    It’s 100 degrees farenheit here in Texas right now at 1440…I’m sure you’re much cooler and I’m every so slightly envious!


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