Sunday morning coming down…..

OK – it is my own fault.  On Saturday late afternoon I decided to do some dyeing.  And when I started I just couldn’t stop.  So Sunday was Not Fun – totally my own fault…

But I have a huge heap of coloured skeins drying all over the house to show for my stupidity…  I dye the North Ronaldsay wool, spun on the island from the fleeces of the sheep eating seaweed round the shores.  By putting two shades of grey as well as the ‘white’ in the dye pot I get three shades for each colour.  The ‘white’ (more a cream) wool gives clear colours, while the greys give more muted shades.

The weather has finally turned nice this past week, and I am in tee shirts for the first time this year – I have also had 4 nights without the electric blanket, and the heating has hardly come on at all.  (Up here we don’t turn off heating in summer – just let the thermostat do its job.)  The evening sun on the front of the house looked so good last night I got the camera out:

The Old Harbour Master's House summer

The house has been completely renovated in the past 5 years, after the worst floods for 300 years….  The stonework was done by local builder Hamish Omand, using the old techniques, like lime mortar.  Although the house is finished, the back wall still needs to go up, so the back garden is a mess:

Old Harbour Master's House garden

The large pots are waiting until the autumn, when they will get filled with spring bulbs and shrubs – and a rowan tree to go by the back gate.


4 thoughts on “Sunday morning coming down…..

  1. I often wonder how my ancestors (who came from Caithness rather than the islands) coped in winter – South Australian winters are like your summers, although yesterday was a mere 10’C!
    Love the stonework on your home Liz – think I could knit that!

    1. I remember a friend saying that it was funny how 10 degrees in summer was a lot warmer than 10 degrees in winter…!

      The stone work IS lovely, and the renovations have tidied it up beautifully….. Wonderful texture and colour, especially in the evening sun….


  2. Lovely photo of the house Liz. So glad that you are back in it. That has taken a long time. When we had the gathering in Mull, was that pre or post the very bad flooding?

    1. That was before the flooding – Mull was July 2004 and the fllods January 2005. Yes – it took a long, long time – that is one of the problems with both an old house (needing a specialist builder) and a listed building (needing extra consents etc). Planning of any sort is slow in Orkney…!! Although the people in the planning dept itself were very helpful – others made the troubles!!


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