What a difference colour makes…

I have been getting a load of patterns ready to put on Etsy and Folksy, and looking at the pix has really brought home to me the huge difference that colour changes can make to a Fair Isle pattern.

Back last summer, Yarn Forward wanted a simple Fair Isle pattern to go with an article I was writing for them.  Cushion covers are ideal as they are big enough to get a real rhythm going (the key to good FI!) but fit isn’t the end of the world.

I made the cushion up two ways – the first using lots of odds and ends of colours (to encourage those with FI skills to try the same thing!) and the other with single colours of each of the motif bands.  The simpler one is the smallest size (to fit a 12 in pad) and the multicoloured one is the biggest size (to fit an 18 in pad).

Here they are:

Harbour Master's cushions

I actually use the smaller one as a nightdress case – the colours were to fit my bedroom….


3 thoughts on “What a difference colour makes…

  1. These made me yearn for my Mum who used to knit Fair Isle (and Aran and Icelandic and all sorts), and had a wonderful eye for colour. She died ten years ago.

    1. Hi Sally,

      It is surprising what brings back the longing, isn’t it? I hope you remember her fondly…

      Some people do seem to have an eye for colour – can just pick up the right ones straight away…


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