Swatch-hat from Ingrid’s book

The book Ingrid has lent me has a couple of pieces of graph paper folded in it, with jotting on in a very old fashioned hand.  One side of one sheet has the charts and colours of what I would call a ‘typical’ child’s sweater of the 30s/40s.  The jottings are incomplete, but I have been able to piece them together and have knitted them in to a large swatch, otherwise known as a hat!  The only bit that was not obvious was where to change from red to blue on the upper pattern.

Ingrid's swatch-hat flat

Ingrid swatch-hat on mannequin

The yarn is Jamieson and Smiths 2 ply jumper weight, and the needles 3.5 mm for the main part.

In time this will become a child’s sweater….

For now, I have other yarns to swatch – more J&S and also more ColourMart.  A top in the silk/linen is on the needles at present – I am at the stage where my heart tells me I don’t have enough to make it the length I hope for while my brain tells me the maths was right!!  We will see…!

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