What nice people….

In Orkney, one takes any dental appointments one is given – they are rare and wonderful things.  So I was not really complaining when I realised that my appointment time and the new bus timetable meant that I had 55 mins to waste before my brief pre-surgery check, and about the same time after.

As the day was glorious, I decided to walk along to the Orkney Museum in Tankerness House  to see if I could get a name and ideally an email address of the person to contact about looking more closely at some of their stuff for The Book.  As always, the staff were so helpful, and the Social History Curator had a couple of minutes spare so came down to see me.  She turned out to be a knitter herself, and is delighted that someone is going to be putting some of the info on paper before it is lost completely.  Seeing the collection – and more important, being able to take photos – will be no problem.  We agreed to be in contact again in the winter, when the museum is quieter and they will be quite happy to open cases for me…..

The dentist was easy, and so, feeling I was on a roll, I went along to the archives.

There I renewed my acquaintance with John –  I have already spent many happy and warm hours in the photo archive room looking over thousands of photos.  We talked about various details, including arrangements with the smaller museums round the County, and again arranged to meet when the summer was over.  As with the Museum, the Archives are ready to bend over backwards to help.

What more could a researcher want?!

And when I got home, there was a packet of wool from J&S AND one from ColourMart!  I have been swatching ever since….

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